Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

In order for a product to be granted the PDO seal, all of the phases of production, transformation and processing must occur within a specific geographic area and in full respect of strict production rules established by the production regulations. By guaranteeing the entire production cycle and considering the multiple natural (e.g. raw materials, area of production, etc.) and human (e.g. production and transformation techniques and processes) factors therein, the PDO product achieves the status of a truly inimitable one of a kind item that cannot be reproduced outside its designated geographic area.

Protected Geographic Indication (PGI)

While the PDO is a certification applied to products whose entire production cycle, from the raw materials to the finished product, is carried out within a specified geographic area (and therefore cannot be reproduced outside of that area), the PGI recognition is instead a European mark of quality granted to agricultural and food products who have at least one phase of the production process that is permanently linked to the specific geographic area of reference. For this seal as well, producers must follow a set of rules established by the regulations that are similar to those for the PDO, and the products are constantly subject to independent verification bodies that oversee every aspect of the productive chain. Both the GI, PDO and PGI seals are protected by European and national institutions and the strict respect of the rules of productions, to guarantee the quality of the certified products to the consumers for the entire cycle of their production and marketing.
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