The Partnership

Agri-food Partnership of the Region of Western Greece is a non-profit company whose members include public and private sector stakeholders. Its cluster consists of about 100 partners. The main partner is the Region of Western Greece, who owns 49% of the shares and chairs the Board of Directors.

Other members participating are: Commercial and Industrial chambers, Municipalities of the Region, Development Companies, Agricultural Unions Cooperatives, Cooperative farmers’ Organizations, Food processing enterprises, Commercial Food Companies, Scientific and Research Organizations, Catering and Tourism Companies.

This network of the agri-food chain in Western Greece tries to support local communities, so they can produce heritage varieties, and, therefore, the Agri-Food Partnership is the Region of Western Greece main tool to promote the local agricultural products in national and international markets. More specifically, the aims of the Agri-food Partnership are:

  1. a) to increase the added value of agricultural products by helping its members to reduce production costs and to certify the safety of their products.
  2. b) to promote traditional farming and quality products that are both the result of a unique combination of human and environmental factors characteristic of the Region of Western Greece in domestic and international markets (participating in food trade fairs, etc.).
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